Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Harry Shum Jr. (岑勇康) is Shirtless Sexy

I never really noticed Harry Shum Jr. until he took his shirt off in Glee.

All along I thought that Mike Chang, Shum's character in Glee, was being played by another one of those dancing Asians.  You have to admit, there's a lot of those dancing Asians everywhere.

Harry Shum Jr. was born in Costa Rica on April 28th 1982.  Because of this his first language is Spanish.  He also speaks English and Chinese.

He's had several appearances on film and television as an actor, dancer and choreographer.  His dance style incorporates various styles including popping, tutting, waving, locking, breaking and also contemporary.  He recently shot a video with Tyler Shields.

Below is a link to the video done by Tyler shields and some photos from JustJared, one of my favourite celebrity news websites by Jared Eng, another cute Asian.  He is Asian. right?

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  1. I knew him since step up 2 & 3 ... you should watch both movies... he dances so damn good